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29.09.2007, 23:19
Чтобы скачать книгу из раздела Экономика.Economics, скопируйте в строку адрес:


либо http://ihtik-lib.ru/economika_21sept2007/economika_21sept2007_№.rar

вместо нужно подставить порядковый номер вашей книги (левая крайняя колонка: 1,2,3 и т.д.)

To download the book copy the address
Instead of "№" you should put the number of the book you need
(left column: 1,2,3, etc.)

1. Adam Smith - An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations.txt
2. Alexander C. - Market Models[c] A Guide to Financial Data Analysis (2001)(en).djvu
3. Allen R., Schiavo-Campo S., Garrity C. - Assessing and Reforming Public Financial Management[c] A New Approach (2004)(en).pdf
4. Andersen T.G., Bollerslev T. - Intraday periodicity and volatility persistence in financial markets (1997)(en).pdf
5. Applying Technical Analysis With Advanced Get (Joseph Tom).pdf
6. Baschab J., Piot J. - The professional services firm bible (2005)(en).pdf
7. Berry M.J.A. - Data Mining Techniques For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management (2004)(2nd ed.)(en).pdf
8. Beyond Technical Analysis (Tushar S).doc
9. Blum W.Killing hope.US military & CIA interventions since World War II.Part I.2004.pdf
10. Blum W.Rogue state.A guide to the world's only superpower.2002.pdf
11. Bollinger On Bollinger Bands (Bollinger John).djvu
12. Bowen R.The immaculate deception.The Bush crime family exposed.1999.pdf
13. Branch B. - The Predictive Power of Stock Market Indicators (1976)(en).pdf
14. Brav A., Lehavy R. - An Empirical Analysis of Analysts[ap] Target Prices[c] Short-term Informativeness and Long-term Dynamics (2003)(en).pdf
15. Breithaupt T. - 10 Steps to Sales Success[c] The Proven System That Can Shorten the Selling Cycle, Double Your Close Ratio (2003)(en).pdf
16. Broback S. - Publish and Prosper[c] Blogging for Your Business (2006)(en).chm
17. Brock W., Lakonishok J., LeBaron B. - Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic Properties of Stock Returns (1992)(en).pdf
18. Brown D.P., Jennings R.H. - On technical analysis (1989)(en).pdf
19. Burnham T. - Mean Markets and Lizard Brains[c] How to Profit from the New Science of Irrationality (2005)(en).pdf
20. Campbell J.Y., Lo A.W., MacKinlay A.C. - The Econometrics of Financial Markets (1997)(en).pdf
21. Canada D. - The 24 Sales Traps and how to Avoid Them[c] Recognizing the Pitfalls That Mislead Even the Best Performers (2002)(en).pdf
22. Carey B.H., Carey C.H. - Quick Cash in Foreclosures (2005)(en).pdf
23. Casamatta C. - Financing and Advising[c] Optimal Financial Contracts withVenture Capitalists (2003)(en).pdf
24. Chan L.K.C., Jegadeesh N., Lakonishok J. - Momentum Strategies (1996)(en).pdf
25. Charney C. - The Instant Sales Pro[c] More than 600 Tips and Techniques to Accelerate Your Sales Success (2004)(en).chm
26. Charvat J. - Project Management Methodologies[c] Selecting, Implementing, and Supporting Methodologies and Processes for Projects (2003)(en).pdf
27. Chen P., Islam S.M.N. - Optimal Control Models in Finance[c] A New Computational Approach (2005)(en).pdf
28. Chin G. - Agile Project Management[c] How to Succeed in the Face of Changing Project Requirements (2004)(en).chm

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