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Чтобы скачать книгу из раздела Экономика.Economics, скопируйте в строку адрес:


либо http://ihtik-lib.ru/economika_21sept2007/economika_21sept2007_№.rar

вместо нужно подставить порядковый номер вашей книги (левая крайняя колонка: 1,2,3 и т.д.)

To download the book copy the address
Instead of "№" you should put the number of the book you need
(left column: 1,2,3, etc.)

1. Adam Smith - An inquiry into the nature and causes of the wealth of nations.txt
2. Alexander C. - Market Models[c] A Guide to Financial Data Analysis (2001)(en).djvu
3. Allen R., Schiavo-Campo S., Garrity C. - Assessing and Reforming Public Financial Management[c] A New Approach (2004)(en).pdf
4. Andersen T.G., Bollerslev T. - Intraday periodicity and volatility persistence in financial markets (1997)(en).pdf
5. Applying Technical Analysis With Advanced Get (Joseph Tom).pdf
6. Baschab J., Piot J. - The professional services firm bible (2005)(en).pdf
7. Berry M.J.A. - Data Mining Techniques For Marketing, Sales, and Customer Relationship Management (2004)(2nd ed.)(en).pdf
8. Beyond Technical Analysis (Tushar S).doc
9. Blum W.Killing hope.US military & CIA interventions since World War II.Part I.2004.pdf
10. Blum W.Rogue state.A guide to the world's only superpower.2002.pdf
11. Bollinger On Bollinger Bands (Bollinger John).djvu
12. Bowen R.The immaculate deception.The Bush crime family exposed.1999.pdf
13. Branch B. - The Predictive Power of Stock Market Indicators (1976)(en).pdf
14. Brav A., Lehavy R. - An Empirical Analysis of Analysts[ap] Target Prices[c] Short-term Informativeness and Long-term Dynamics (2003)(en).pdf
15. Breithaupt T. - 10 Steps to Sales Success[c] The Proven System That Can Shorten the Selling Cycle, Double Your Close Ratio (2003)(en).pdf
16. Broback S. - Publish and Prosper[c] Blogging for Your Business (2006)(en).chm
17. Brock W., Lakonishok J., LeBaron B. - Simple Technical Trading Rules and the Stochastic Properties of Stock Returns (1992)(en).pdf
18. Brown D.P., Jennings R.H. - On technical analysis (1989)(en).pdf
19. Burnham T. - Mean Markets and Lizard Brains[c] How to Profit from the New Science of Irrationality (2005)(en).pdf
20. Campbell J.Y., Lo A.W., MacKinlay A.C. - The Econometrics of Financial Markets (1997)(en).pdf
21. Canada D. - The 24 Sales Traps and how to Avoid Them[c] Recognizing the Pitfalls That Mislead Even the Best Performers (2002)(en).pdf
22. Carey B.H., Carey C.H. - Quick Cash in Foreclosures (2005)(en).pdf
23. Casamatta C. - Financing and Advising[c] Optimal Financial Contracts withVenture Capitalists (2003)(en).pdf
24. Chan L.K.C., Jegadeesh N., Lakonishok J. - Momentum Strategies (1996)(en).pdf
25. Charney C. - The Instant Sales Pro[c] More than 600 Tips and Techniques to Accelerate Your Sales Success (2004)(en).chm
26. Charvat J. - Project Management Methodologies[c] Selecting, Implementing, and Supporting Methodologies and Processes for Projects (2003)(en).pdf
27. Chen P., Islam S.M.N. - Optimal Control Models in Finance[c] A New Computational Approach (2005)(en).pdf
28. Chin G. - Agile Project Management[c] How to Succeed in the Face of Changing Project Requirements (2004)(en).chm

29. Cioara J.D., Chris Ward C. - CCNA Practice Questions Exam Cram (2005)(2nd ed.)(en).chm
30. Click R.L., Duening T.N. - Business Process Outsourcing[c] The Competitive Advantage (2005)(en).pdf
31. Cochrane J. - Asset pricing (2001)(en).pdf
32. Cochrane J.H. Asset Pricing (Теория финансовых рынков).pdf
33. Code Snippets & How To’s (Jennings David).doc
34. Computerized Trading (Jurik Mark).djvu
35. Costell J. - The Science of Sales Success[c] A Proven System for High Profit, Repeatable Results (2004)(en).chm
36. Coulda Woulda Shoulda (Cottle Charles M.).pdf
37. Cox B.G. - Vocabulary Basics for Business (2002)(en).chm
38. Crouhy M., Galai D., Mark R. - Risk Management (2001)(en).pdf
39. Cybernetic Trading Strategies (Ruggiero Murray A.).pdf
40. Dacorogna M.M., Gencay R., Mueller U.A. - An Introduction to High-Frequency Finance (2001)(en).djvu
41. Damodaran A. Applied Corporate Finance 2nd.rar
42. Davidson Frame J.Managing projects in organizations.2003.pdf
43. Day Traders Bible (Wyckoff Richard D.).pdf
44. Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout by Toby Crabel.pdf
45. Daytrader. From the Pit to the PC (Борселино Льюис).doc
46. Deans P.C. - E-commerce and M-commerce technologies (2005)(en).pdf
47. Disciplined Trader (Douglas Mark).djvu
48. Djankov S. (ed.), Klein M. (ed.), McLiesh C.(ed.) - Doing Business in 2004[c] Understanding Regulation (2004)(en).pdf
49. Encyclopedia of Business and Finance. Volume 2.pdf
50. Encyclopedia of Chart Patterns (Bulkowski Thomas).pdf
51. Epping R.C. - The Beginner[ap]s Guide To The World Economy (1995)(2nd ed., rev. and updated)(en).pdf
52. Eriksson H.-E. Business Modeling with UML. Business Patterns at Work.pdf
53. Eriksson H.E., Penker M. - Business Modeling with UML[c] Business Patterns at Work (2000)(en).pdf
54. Fama E.F., French K.R. - Multifactor explanations of asset pricing anomalies (1996)(en).pdf
55. Favero C.A. - Applied macroeconomics (2001)(en).pdf
56. Ferson W.E., Sarkissian S., Simin T.T. - Spurious Regressions in Financial Economics[q] (2003)(en).pdf
57. Fields E. - The Essentials Of Finance And Accounting For Nonfinancial Managers (2002)(en).pdf
58. Figlewski S. - Hedging Performance And Basis Risk In Stock Index Futures (1984)(en).pdf
59. Fontanills G.A. - The Options Course Workbook[c] Step-by-Step Exercises and Tests to Help You Master the Options Course (2005)(2nd ed.)(en).pdf
60. Fontanills G.A. - The Options Course[c] High Profit and Low Stress Trading Methods (2005)(2nd ed.)(en).pdf
61. Four Steps To Tradingsuccess (Clayburg John F.).djvu
62. Frey R.S. - Successful Proposal Strategies For Small Businesses[c] Using Knowledge Management To Win Government, Private-Sector, And International Contracts (2005)(4-e)(en).pdf
63. Gann Made Easy (Mclaren William).djvu
64. Grinblatt M., Titman S. - Financial Markets and Corporate Strategy (1997)(en).pdf
65. Grote D. - The performance appraisal question and answer book[c] survival guide for managers (2002)(en).pdf
66. Gruber H. - Economics of Mobile Telecommunications (2005)(en).pdf
67. Haber J.H. - Accounting Demystified (2004)(en).pdf
68. Haber J.R.Accounting demystified.2004.pdf
69. Hanan M. - Consultative Selling[c] The Hanan Formula for High-Margin Sales at High Levels (2004)(7th ed.)(en).chm
70. Harrison M., Waldron P. - Mathematical Economics and Finance (1998)(en).pdf
71. Harvard Business Review (June 2005) (2005)(en).pdf
72. Hedges IV J.R. - Hedges on Hedge Funds (2005)(en).pdf
73. Hilicki C. - May I Have Your Attention, Please[q][c] Build a Better Business by Telling Your True Story (2005)(en).pdf
74. Hit & Run 2 (Cooper Jeff).pdf
75. Holcombe R.G. - Entrepreneurship and economic growth (1998)(en).pdf
76. Howes N.R. - Modern project management (2001)(en).pdf
77. Hull J.C. Options, Futures, and Other Derivatives.pdf
78. In business. Советы желающим открыть свое дело. М., Интерлист, 1993. 224с..doc
79. Introducton To Technical Analysis (Bernstein Jake).djvu
80. JACK D. SCHWAGER - Market_Wizards.doc
81. JACK D. SCHWAGER - New_Market_Wizards.doc
82. JACK D. SCHWAGER - Stock_Market_Wizards.doc
83. Jacobs B.I., Levy K.N. (eds.) - Market Neutral Strategies (2005)(en).pdf
84. Jesus-Backus M. - The Pocketbook of Economic Indicators (2002)(en).pdf
85. Johnson L., Learned A. - Don[ap]t Think Pink[c] What Really Makes Women Buy[c] and How to Increase Your Share of This Crucial Market (2004)(en).chm
86. Johnson M. - The New Rules of Engagement[c] Life-Work Balance and Employee Commitment (2004)(en).chm
87. Johnston R.E., Bate J.D. - The power of strategy innovation [c] a new way of linking creativity and strategic planning to discover great business opportunities (2003)(en).pdf
88. Jovanovic M.N. - The Economics of European Integration (2005)(en).pdf
89. Katz J.O., McCormick D.L. - The encyclopedia of trading strategies (2000)(en).pdf
90. Kehal H.S., Singh V.P. - Digital Economy[c] Impacts, Influences, and Challenges (2005)(en).pdf
91. Kellison S.G. - The Theory of Interest (2000)(2nd ed.)(en).djv
92. King W.I. - Technical Methods of Forecasting Stock Prices (1934)(en).pdf
93. Kliem R.L., Ludin I.S. - Project management practitioner[ap]s handbook (1998)(en).pdf
94. kNOW кривой (Money Software Company).doc
95. kNOW прямой (Money Software Company).doc
96. Knutson J., Bitz I., Henderson L.S. - Project management[c] how to plan and manage successful projects (1991)(en).pdf
97. Lambert V.M. - Payroll[c] A Guide to Running an Efficient Department (2005)(en).pdf
98. Lane H.W., Maznevski M.L., Mendenhall M.E. (eds.) - The Blackwell Handbook of Global Management[c] A Guide to Managing Complexity (2004)(en).pdf
99. Langdell S. - Examples of the Use of Data Mining in Financial Applications (2002)(en).pdf
100. Laramee F.D. - Secrets of the Game Business (2003)(en).chm
101. Larson A. - Demystifying Six Sigma (2003)(en).pdf
102. Lau L.K.Managing business with SAP.Planning,implementation,and evaluation.2005.pdf
103. Leach L.P. - Critical Chain Project Management (2000)(en).pdf
104. Lester A. - Project Planning and Control (2003)(ru).pdf
105. Levinson J.A., McLaughlin M.W. - Guerrilla Marketing for Consultants[c] Breakthrough Tactics for Winning Profitable Clients (2005)(en).pdf
106. Lewis J.P. - Fundamentals of project management (1995)(en).pdf
107. Lientz B.P., Larssen L. - Manage IT as a Business[c] How to Achieve Alignment and Add Value to the Company (2004)(en).pdf
108. Linder J.C. - Outsourcing for Radical Change[c] A Bold Approach to Enterprise Transformation (2004)(en).chm
109. Lo A.W., Mamaysky H., Wang J. - Foundations of Technical Analysis[c] Computational Algorithms, Statistical Inference, and Empirical Implementation (2000)(en).pdf
110. Loshin P., Loshin P., Vacca J.R. - Electronic Commerce (Networking Series) (2003)(4th)(en).chm
111. Love R., Morris J., Wesolowsky G. - Facilities location (1988)(en).djvu
112. Lubbe S. - Economic and Social Impacts of E-Commerce (2003)(en).pdf
113. Macmillan H., Tampoe M. - Strategic Management (2000)(en).pdf
114. Maddala G.S. - Introduction to Econometrics (1992)(2nd ed.)(en).djvu
115. Mankiw N.G. - Ten principles of economics (2004)(en).pdf
116. Mark N.C. - International Macroeconomics and Finance[c] Theory and Empirical Methods (2000)(en).pdf
117. Markowitz H.M. - Foundations of Portfolio Theory (1991)(ru).pdf
118. Martin P.Getting started in project management.2001.pdf
119. Mathematics of money management (Vince Ralph).doc
120. Mazzullo J.SAP R-3 for everyone.Step-by-step instructions,practical advice,and other tips and tricks for working with SAP.2005.chm
121. McDonald D.A., Ruiters G. - The Age of Commodity (2005)(en).pdf
122. McKenzie R.B., Lee D.R. - Microeconomics for MBAs (2006)(en).pdf
123. McNelis P.D. - Neural Networks in Finance[c] Gaining Predictive Edge in the Market (2005)(en).pdf
124. Method For Forecasting The Stock Market (Gann, W.D.).djvu
125. Methods of а Wall-Street Master (Sperandeo Victor).djvu
126. Miller W. - Proactive selling[c] control the process, win the sale (2003)(ru).pdf
127. Miller W., Zemke R. - Knock Your Socks Off Prospecting (2005)(en).pdf
128. Mishkin F.S. - The Economics of Money, Banking, and Financial Markets (2004)(7th ed.)(en).pdf
129. Momentum Investing (Вольф Кен).doc
130. Money Management Strategies for Serious Traders (Stendahl David C.).pdf
131. Moore I. - Does your marketing sell[q] (2005)(en).pdf
132. Murthi S. - Preventive Risk Management for Software Projects (2002)(en).pdf
133. Myers D.R., McWhorter P.J., Converse C. - Implications of Intelligent, Integrated Microsystems for Product Design and Development (2000)(en).pdf
134. Nassim Nicholas Taleb - Fooled by Randomness.doc
135. Nelson D., Moody P.E., Stegner J.R. - The incredible payback (2005)(en).pdf
136. Nelson D., Moody P.E., Stegner J.R. - The incredible payback[c] innovative sourcing solutions that deliver extraordinary results (2005)(en).pdf
137. Newel M.W. - Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam (2005)(3rd ed.)(en).pdf
138. Newell M.W. - Preparing for the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification Exam (2002)(2nd)(en).pdf
139. Niederhoffer V., Osborne M.F.M. - Market making and reversal on the stock exchange (1966)(en).pdf

140. Noran O.S. - Business Modelling[c] UML vs. IDEF (2003)(en).pdf
141. Norman Hallett Mental fitness.pdf
142. Olson R.L. - Handbook for Investment Committee Members[c] How to Make Prudent Investments for Your Organization (2005)(en).pdf
143. Osborne M.F.M. - Some Quantative Tests For Stock Price Generating Models And Trading Folklore (1967)(en).pdf
144. Pritchard C.L. - The Project Management Communications Toolkit (2004)(en).pdf
145. Professionаl Stock Trading (Conway Mark R., Benle N. Aaron).djvu
146. Puig-Junoy J. - The Public Financing of Pharmaceuticals (2005)(en).pdf
147. Pyle D. - Business Modeling and Data Mining (2003)(en).chm
148. Reid R.N. - Facility manager[ap]s guide to security [c] protecting your assets (2005)(en).pdf
149. Ritter J.R. - The Long-Run Performance of Initial Public Offerings (1991)(en).pdf
150. Roberts H.V. - Stock-Market [qu][qu]Patterns[qu][qu] and Financial Analysis[c] Methodological Suggestions (1959)(en).pdf
151. Romer D. - Advanced macroeconomics (1996)(en).djvu
152. Rosen A. - Effective IT Project Management[c] Using Teams to Get Projects Completed on Time and Under Budget (2004)(en).chm
153. Rosser M.Basic mathematics for economists.2003.pdf
154. Rothbard M.N. - Making Economic Sence (1995)(en).pdf
155. Rud O.P. - Data Mining Cookbook (2001)(en).pdf
156. Ryan T.M., Jacobs C.A. - Using Investor Relations to Maximize Equity Valuation (2005)(en).pdf
157. Sabillon S. - World Economic Historical Statistics (2005)(en).pdf
158. Saint-Onge H., Armstrong C. - The Conductive Organization[c] Building Beyond Sustainability (2004)(en).pdf
159. Schmidt A.B. - Quantitative Finance for Physicists [c] An Introduction (2004)(en).pdf
160. Schulte P. - Complex IT project management[c] 16 steps to success (2004)(en).chm
161. Schwantz R. - How to Get Your Competition Fired (2005)(en).pdf
162. Schwert G.W. - Why Does Stock Market Volatility Change Over Time[q] (1989)(en).pdf
163. Seglin J.L., Coleman E. - AMA Handbook of Business Letters (2002)(3rd ed.)(en).pdf
164. Sherman A.J. - Raising Capital (2005)(2nd ed.)(en).pdf
165. Shleifer A., Summers L.H. - The Noise Trader Approach to Finance (1990)(en).pdf
166. Shook R.J. - The Winner[ap]s Circle (2005)(en).pdf
167. Sirikulvadhana S. - Data Mining As A Financial Auditing Tool (2002)(en).pdf
168. Smarter Trading (Kaufman Perry J).PDF
169. Snowdon B., Vane H.R. - Modern Macroeconomics (2005)(en).pdf
170. Solnik B. - International Arbitrage Pricing Theory (1983)(en).pdf
171. Special Report on Money Management, Van Tharp.pdf
172. Stinnett B. - Think Like Your Customer[c] A Winning Strategy to Maximize Sales by Understanding How and Why Your Customers Buy (2005)(en).chm
173. suslov - Эконометрия.pdf
174. Svoboda S. - Interest Rate Modelling (2004)(en).chm
175. Sweeney R.J. - Beating the foreign exchange market (1986)(en).pdf
176. System Development Manual Omega TradeStation2000.rar
177. Taylor T. - Contemporary economic issues (1998)(en).pdf
178. Temple P. - Microeconomics principles(7th ed.)(en).djv
179. The Best Trendline Methods of Alan Andrews (Mikula Patrick).pdf
180. The Compleat Day Trader, Vol 1 (Bernstein Jake).pdf
181. The Compleat Day Trader, Vol 2 (Bernstein Jake).pdf
182. The Gann Pyramid (Ferrera Daniel T.).djvu
183. The Harmonic Trader (Carney Scott M.).djvu
184. The New Contrarian Investing Strategies (Dreman David).djvu
185. The Options Edge (Gallacher William R.).pdf
186. The Original Turtle Trading Rules.rar
187. The Profit Magic of Stock Transaction Timing (Hurst J.M.) .djvu
188. The Strategic Electronic Day Trader (Robert Deel).pdf
189. The Symmetry Wave Trading Method (Gur Michael).djvu
190. The W.D. Gann Method of Trading (Marisch Gerald).pdf
191. Tho I. - Managing the Risks of IT Outsourcing (2005)(en).pdf
192. Thomsett M.C. - The little black book of project management (1990)(en).pdf
193. Thumann A., Woodroof E.A. - Handbook Of Financing Energy Projects (2004)(en).pdf
194. Tibergien M.C., Pomering R. - Practice Made Perfect. The Discipline of Business Management for Financial Advisers (2005)(en).pdf
195. Tinnirello P.C. - New Directions in Project Management (2002)(en).pdf
196. Tom Joseph - Практическое применение механической системы торговли.doc
197. Tracy B. - Time Power (2004)(en).pdf
198. Trading by Minute (Ross Joe).djvu
199. Trading by the Book (Ross Joe).djvu
200. Trading Systems & Methods (Kaufman).djvu
201. Trading to Win (Kiev Ari).pdf
202. Trading With EquiVolume (Arms Richard).pdf
203. Trading with the Odds (Kase Cynthia A.).pdf
204. Trattner J., McGinnis P. - The 2004 prune book (2004)(en).pdf
205. Trompenaars F., Woolliams P. - Marketing Across Cultures (2004)(en).chm
206. van der Aalst, van Hee K. - Workflow Management[c] Models, Methods, and Systems (2002)(en).pdf
207. Varian H.R. - Microeconomics analysis (1992)(3rd ed.)(en).pdf
208. W.D. Gann Treasure Discovered (Krausz Robert).pdf
209. Webster W.H. - Accounting for Managers (2004)(en).pdf
210. Welsh K.S. - What Can You Do with a Major in Business[q] (2005)(en).pdf
211. Wiig K.M. - People-Focused Knowledge Management[c] How Effective Decision Making Leads to Corporate Success (2004)(en).pdf
212. Wolfinger M.D. - Create Your Own Hedge Fund[c] Increase Profits and Reduce Risks with ETF[ap]s and Options (Wiley Trading Series) (2005)(en).pdf
213. Woolfe L. - The Bible on Leadership (2002)(en).pdf
214. Wysocki R.K. - Project Management Process Improvement (2004)(en).pdf
215. Zarsky L. (ed.) - International Investment for Sustainable Development (2005)(en).pdf
216. Zemke S. - Data Mining for Prediction. Financial Series Case (2001)(en).pdf
217. А.Дэвидсон.Скользящий по лезвию фондового рынка.pdf
218. А.Н. Асаул, Карасев А.В. - Экономика недвижимости.rar
219. Абдынасыров У.Т. Стратегия развития рынка ценных бумаг Кыргызтана.pdf
220. Авдашева С.Б. Теория организации отраслевых рынков.rar
221. Автономов В. История экономических учений(полный курс) 2002.pdf
222. Агасндян Г.А. - Многоступенчатый критерий VAR на реальном рынке опционов (2002)(ru).pdf
223. Адам Смит - Исследование о природе и причинах богатства народов.pdf
224. Азбука экономики (Строуп Ричард, Гвартни Джеймс).doc
225. Айвазян С.А. Уровень бедности и дифференциация населения России по расходам.pdf
226. Акелис С.Б. - Технический анализ от А до Я (1999)(ru).doc
227. Акелис С.Б. Технический анализ от А до Я.rar
228. Актуальные проблемы приватизации в России.doc
229. Актуальные проблемы экономики, менеджмента и права. Известия ТРТУ.pdf
230. Алан Лакейн. Искусство успевать.doc
231. Александр Идрисов - Государственная экономическая политика.doc
232. Александрова О.В., Вуколова Т.М., Потапов М. - Натуральные, целые, рациональные числа и их применение в финансовой экономике и исчислении вероятностей (2005)(ru).pdf
233. Алесинская Т.В. - Экономико-математические методы и модели [2002].pdf
234. Алесинская Т.В., Сербин В.Д., Катаев А.В. - Экономико-математич. методы и модели [2001].pdf
235. Алла Старостина - Определение целей маркетингового исследования.doc
236. Аллен Д.Getting things done.The art of stress-free productivity.chm
237. Альфред Маршалл - Принципы экономической науки.doc
238. Альфред Маршалл_ Принципы экономической науки.mht
239. Анализ ценных бумаг (Коттл Сидни, Мюррей Роджер Ф., Блок Франк Е.).djvu
240. Ананьин О.И. Философия и методология экономической науки.djvu
241. Анатолыев. - Эконометрика (2002).pdf
242. Английский для дилеров (Зудин Ю.М.).doc
243. Англо-русский словарь биржевых и экономических терминов(ru).pdf
244. Андрей Веденков - Физические лица на фондовом рынке.html
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251. Аркадий Екушов - Моделирование рисков в коммерческом банке.html
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258. Афанасьев В.Н. Анализ временных рядов и прогнозирование.rar
259. Аюпов А.А. - Инновационный лизинг в банке.pdf

260. Бабицький А.Ф.Методологiя аналiзу економiчних процессiв i управлiння.2003.PDF
261. Базаров Т.Ю. Управление персоналом.rar
262. Базовый курс по рынку ценных бумаг.doc
263. Балан Р. - Волновой принцип Эллиотта (1990)(ru).pdf
264. Балашов В.Г. и др. - Механизмы управления организационными проектами [2003].pdf
265. Бандурин А.В., Гуржиев В.А., Нургалиев Р.З. - Финансовая стратегия корпорации.doc
266. Бандурин В.В. Проблемы управления несостоятельными предприятиями.rar
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