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Software to get back erased files from usb mass drive
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Looking for an affordable data recovery program to retrieve erased wedding album photos from virus infected hard disk or usb supported media drives? Then use digital image data recovery solution to get back bulk of deleted files in different file formats like mpeg, jpeg, jpg from Digital camera SD card, xD picture card, Mobile phone, MMC card, Memory card, Compact flash, External hard disk, fixed drive and other mass storage devices.
Digital picture repairing tool easily regain corrupted files from multiple hard disk drive standards like IDE, EIDE, SCSI, SATA, ATA etc in very effective manner. It has simple and easy installation process supported with quick and easy GUI interface to perform data recovery operation.
Our powerful software provides you ability to operate it from home or office desk without having any extra or technical knowledge. Our recovery tool is perfect and reliable tool and supports major brands of storage media like HP, SanDisk, Hitachi, Olympus, Maxtor, Sony, Kingston Western Digital etc.

With extraordinary features
Software offers simple and interactive interface supported with multiple versions of windows OS like Windows 7, Windows Vista etc.
Software regains lost pictures which were saved in major file formats like jpeg, jpeg and gif.
Software can easily rescue deleted files and folders from any of the mass removable media drives like mobile phone, digital camera, usb drive, external HDD etc.
Software can get back deleted digital pictures in major file formats from different storage media without any of data loss.
About Author
www.picrecovery.com is a popular site which offers cost-effective and business efficient solutions to common computer users in the most effective way. Our software is specially designed by a team of engineers acknowledged with the power of quality framework, a large pool of certified technology specialist, service delivery, strong domain knowledge, specific solutions to reach the business challenges by providing perfect solutions to get back corrupted files from hard drive and usb media drives.
For more details:
Website: www.datarecoverysoftware.com
Company: Data recovery software
Email: cheapdatarecovery@y7mail.com

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