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Access Control System: Keylogger Software
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Keylogger software provides record of each key pressed activity. Professional key stroke logger application keeps record of each keystroke activities at regular time of interval. Advanced best spy program maintains detailed information about all clipboard activities including cut, copy and paste performed by external user. Award winning key stroke monitoring utility captures screen shot of each opened windows application at regular time of interval and displays them to authorize user in slide show format.
Advanced key logger software tracks all internet activities. Cost effective and business efficient key logger application records chat conversation, visited Websites, typed URL’s, opened email account (email id and password) performed on your computer systems in your absence. Best surveillance program provides best option to send all recorded details at user specified location or can be uploaded via FTP server settings.
Keylogger software runs in hidden mode. Best key stroke logger program runs in completely stealth mode and does not appear in add / remove program, installation path and program menu. Advanced key logger utility works completely in background so that any other user cannot detect the presence of software.
Keylogger software is password protected. Advanced key stroke logger is password protected so that any other user cannot make any changes in software configuration setting and external user cannot view recorded details.
Some Extraordinary features:
Keylogger software is compatible with all windows operating system.
Utility is designed with user friendly interface.
Best key logger application generates report of recorded details in HTML or txt format as per user requirement.
Send recorded log encrypted report at user specified email address.
About Author:
Company design and develop highest standard tools which are capable to provide superior featured computer monitoring utilities. Software is designed and developed by dedicated and hardworking professionals.
For more information details:
Company Name: Keylogger
URL: http://www.keylogger.in/
Email: sian56211@yahoo.com.au
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